No more WhatsApp groups: so you can avoid being added to one without your permission

Everyone was waiting for WhatsApp, finally, to give up the unwanted groups. Especially for privacy reasons.

It is already available and you have it only 4 steps inside the application. So far, it was only available in India but is gradually implementing it in other countries for iOS and Android users. 

The best thing about the group privacy option is that it is not a “yes or no”, but you can choose between all your contacts and even create a blacklist of “nobody except …”. 

Steps to avoid being added in groups without my permission

To avoid being added to groups without your permission, you must perform the following steps :

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Enter Settings.
  3. Access the Privacy section
  4. Once inside, you will find a new option: Groups next to Last time, Profile picture, Information and States
  5. When you enter the Groups category you will  find the following question: Who can add me to groups  and three other options: 
  • All: You can add all WhatsApp users to groups “with your supposed consent.” And you will not receive invitations in private.
  • My contacts: Only those you have in your contact list can add you. And, therefore, you will receive an invitation to join the one in which your contacts are not, in private.
  • My contacts except …: This is where the new option comes in that until now, was not available for any device that had this function: the blacklist. You can decide precisely who cannot add you to groups — whether or not you are among your contacts, the rest can.
This new category of WhatsApp has been updated instead of the “Nobody” option. With this, no contact could add you directly. Instead, it has enabled the possibility of blacklisting numbers, but you can also tell it that no user of the messaging app will add you by clicking on “Select all”. 

Of course, every time you add a new contact to your calendar and have the application, you will have to go back to the configuration and tell it to “select all” again.

According to WABetaInfo, to have the group privacy feature you will need to have the latest version installed – so you can update the latest version of WhatsApp on iOS and Android. In case it does not appear, you can make a backup of your chat history and reinstall the application . This would download the updated settings , so the function would be enabled. But also, keep in mind that it is gradually being enabled

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