How to reset your Apple ID password if you have forgotten it

Passwords are the Achilles heel of many users. Managing them all is not easy and remembering them becomes complicated when you don’t use them much. If it happened to you with the apple account, let’s see how to reset your Apple ID password if you have forgotten it.

How to reset your Apple ID password: without and with two-factor authentication

When it comes to recovering your Apple ID password, an important aspect must be distinguished: whether or not two-factor authentication is enabled. First, we will see the two possible ways to recover it if this security measure is not activated. And finally, we will see how to recover it with two-factor authentication active.

In all cases, you must enter (click on this link ). Next, enter the email you use with your Apple ID.

Recover password without authentication enabled

If you do not have double factor authentication enabled, when you enter your email and press the Continue button you will see two options :

  • Receive an email: you will receive an email in the account you entered to retrieve your password. Open your email and look for the email, inside you will see a button where when you press it you can enter a new password.
  • Answer the security questions: you must enter your date of birth and then answer two of the security questions you set at the time. Once this is done, you can set a new password.

When you have completed the process, you may receive an email from Apple informing you of the password change.

Recover password with authentication enabled

Two-factor authentication is an additional security measure to protect our user accounts. It is not unique to Apple, but many other service providers have it. If you have this measure activated, by entering your email on the website that we mentioned at the beginning, Apple will ask you for the phone number associated with the account.

Once you have done so, Apple will ask you to unlock one of the devices associated with your account. That device will ask you if you want to allow to recover the password. By accepting, you will be asked for the unlock code of your device.

Next, you must enter the new password twice, to ensure that it is entered correctly. When finished, press accepts and the password change of your Apple ID will be successful.

As in the previous section, you may receive an email from Apple informing you of the password change.

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